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About Puhl Employee Benefits, we pride ourselves on our friendly and outgoing atmosphere. Since 1986 we’ve specialized in providing high-quality advice from certified experienced advisors. As brokers, we have access to Canada’s top insurance and fund companies.

Puhl Employee Benefits specializes in flexible group benefits and wealth management with specific focus on meeting the unique financial needs of independent business owners and their employees. Our professional expertise and trained support staff located in Calgary, Alberta enable us to provide a superior off-site human resource center.

The measure of a Employee Benefits Plan is when the employee goes home to his family and they feel, you, are thinking of their personal situations.

One way to stay competitive in today’s business world is by creating customized group benefit plans for your employees.

Group insurance plans can offer value because of grouped purchasing power. So you and your employees get higher volume discounts with premium savings, which means great value.

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      • Savings
      • Flexible Plans
      • Promotional Support for Your Plan
      • Superior Customer Service

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