Employer Group Health & Dental

Employer Group Explanation – 2 Minute Video –

Compares a Traditional Health & Dental plan to a flexible Health & Dental Plan


Employee Sites to Use

Employee Health & Dental Options – 2 Minute Video –

Information regarding designing a plan to suit your needs.

Employee Health & Dental Benefits Design – Work Sheet

Provides a worksheet to calculate your supplemental choices

Your Benefits –

The Employee website for flexible and comprehensive travel & health coverage choices

Alberta – Non Group for R/X Prescription Drugs and Ambulance

Blue Cross Non Group Plan

This plan provides without medicals and after a sickness or accident, unlimited R/x drugs, you would buy the plan when you have regular R/x prescription drugs costing monthly more than premium monthly cost.

InnoviCares – R/X Prescription Drug Card –

InnoviCares is a free R/X prescription drug card which provides brand name R/X drugs at Generic prices at the till and helps you save on select prescription medications, healthcare products, and services.


Government Coverage / Income Tax

CRA Government sites to identify allowable claims for Health and Dental –

Lines 330 and 331 – Eligible medical expenses you can claim on your tax return

Income Tax Folio S1-F1-C1, Medical Expense Tax Credit

What Expenses are covered under CRA –

AB Government site to Review companies offering investments –

Government of Canada website:


Health Situation Videos

Managing assets for a parent with Alzheimer’s –


Health Care Card –

InnoviCares is a free card that helps you save on select prescription medications, healthcare products, and services

Work Place Strategies for Mental Health –

Practical ideas, information, and free tools and resources are available to help employers improve psychological health and safety and address workplace mental health issues.


Financial Wellness Sites and Videos

FORR – Financial Organization and Retirement Review: –

Article for EEs: Investment Anxiety is an obstacle to engaging on investment fees – BCSC Study

Value Partners Investments

Video Library

Investment Strategies for Value Investing


Life Insurance Information

How Much Insurance Should I Have For My Family –

Instant Life Term Quotes – Life Web Page –

Employee has access to all Insurance companies in Canada, with one easy click.

Group Critical Illness Quotes –

CHUBB – Provides coverage for heart attacks, cancer, strokes and more. (Lump sum payment, and tax-free).

Accidental Death & Dismemberment –

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance offers you full, 24-hour protection against accidents. Regardless of your health history, you are covered.

Hospital Cash-

Hospital Cash is a benefit paid, that can be used any way you wish, in the event you are hospitalized. It can help with some of the unexpected expenses.

Final Expense-

Final Expense insurance provides a tax free1 benefit to your beneficiary following your death.

Mortgage Insurance Link –