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Better Business Bureau Member

BBB Member's have unique plan design ability

The BBB / Puhl Health and Dental PHSP is a self-funding reimbursement plan regulated by the Canada Revenue Agency. It uses Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) to provide flexible benefits to employees. The BBB plan is a way for your business to deduct your Health & Dental claim receipts and pay no personal tax.

The BBB / Puhl Health & Dental PHSP is a benefits plan that provides flexible coverage, and a management tool that controls costs for business owners and their employees. The BBB PHSP plan provides the employees security of a benefits plan without the expensive premiums or restrictions.

A quality employee oriented plan with BBB Member volume discounts.

The BBB / Puhl Health & Dental Plan offers:

  • Flexibility
  • Low processing costs
  • Tax savings
  • Cost control
  • 100% reimbursement
  • Add-on health & dental credits
  • Member’s Volume Buying Power
  • No Sign-Up or Registration Fee
  • Health & Dental Individual Group Plans
  • Virtual Doctor(s)

The BBB / Puhl Health Plan is Designed for You & Your Business

The employee starts each plan year with a designated number of credits/dollars in an Employee Health Spending Account (EHSA) as determined by the plan sponsor (owner/employer). Premiums are not required – this is a ‘pay-as-you-claim’ plan, so no claims mean no costs.

The BBB / Puhl Health Plan has volume specialty contracts unique to your BBB Association underwritten by Canada’s top insurance companies. This provides you, the BBB Member with the best plan choices in Canada to fit your Business model.

The BBB / Puhl Health & Dental plan offers 3 choices of design between flexible, traditional, or hybrid plans. Companies have the flexibility to pick and choose how to design their health and dental plans to their business and personal health models.

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bbb member value benefits

Complimentary Optional Add-On Value Benefits

Employees and Employers receive valuable benefits other plans may not offer:
  • 2 years and 3 months rate guarantee on Life, Dependents, and Long Term Disability.
  • 1 year and 3 months rate guarantee for Health & Dental.
  • Short-Term Disability is pooled and not experience rated. Also can be self-funded.
  • Living benefit under life insurance for terminal illness.
  • AD & D – includes dependents.
  • RX Drug and Dental extra credit plan.
  • No medical exams.
  • Plus additional benefits.

travel insurance for bbb members

The BBB Optional Travel Plan provides protection in the case of an accident or illness providing the funds to cover your medical expenses.

  • Member's Bulk Buying Program.
  • Flat costs per year per family.
  • Out of Province & Country medical travel insurance.
  • Plan choices - Daily / 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 180 of continuous travel.
  • Pre-existing coverage to age 65, with coverage extended to age 80.
  • Snow Bird travel coverage - Great product and very comparable to the market place.
  • Parents and Grandparents qualify if child is a BBB Member.
Travel Insurance 2

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