Puhl Employee Benefits

canadian owners & pilots association

copa member's have travel coverage for private pilots

The COPACare Plan provides members with additional value added products at COPA members pricing:

  1. COPACare Travel
  2. COPACare Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  3. COPACare Life Insurance
  4. COPACare Health & Dental

All 4 covers each pilot and their families while Flying.

The COPACare Travel Plan offers:

  • COPA pricing
  • Coverage designed for private pilots and their families
  • Protection during flights
  • Comprehensive complete travel coverage
  • Travel coverage over 60 days – optional on request

Your travels and vacations should be a safe and amazing experience. Don’t let your next travel experience be devastated by an injury or an expensive issue. Protect you and your loved ones during travel and flight of your personal aircraft. COPACare member insurance plans provide extensive travel and medical coverage for pilots and their family members.

To learn more, visit the COPACare site designed for Members

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