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accountant's have a unique plan design ability

PHSPCanada has designed a program specifically for CPA members. The CPA Health & Dental Plan is a benefits plan that provides flexible coverage, and a management tool that controls costs for the accountants, business owners, employees and the accountants clients.

The accountants plan provides the security of a benefits plan without the expensive mandatory premiums or restrictions.

The Accountant’s Health Plan is #1 in flexibility, cost, and service.

The Accountant’s Health plan has volume specialty contracts unique to the CPA Accountants. This provides you, the professional accountant with the #1 plan choices in Canada to fit your Business model.

The Accountant Health Plan has been designed to provide benefits to CPA members, and also to your clients.

A quality plan with volume discounts.

cpa accountants
cpa accountants

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The CPA Benefits Plan offers three styles of employee benefit options:

Categories of PHSP Plan Design choices:
  1. Administration services only - Flexible self-funding.
  2. Traditional Group insurance company funding.
  3. Hybrid Health & Dental - combination of 1 and 2.
CPA Member and Employees Rate Guarantees choices:
  • Processing fees 7% to $25 maximum per batch of family claims - Employees only.
  •  7% to $55 maximum per batch of family claims - CPA members only.
Flexible Health & Dental Plan - Private Health Service Plan
  • Most popular for companies with 0 to 25 employees.
  • Available for one plus participants – professional corporations.
  • Pay as you claim based on 8% per claim batch per family.
  • 100% flexibility and control of Claims by employee.
  • Ability to transfer claims to complimentary 3rd party for health and dental.
  • Dental and Drug Components (employee Flexible choice health & dental plans) are used to divert the costs of paying claims away from your insurance company to a professional payer, while increasing employee coverage.
  • Stop Loss Plans to cover Catastrophic Claims (High Deductibles) available.
  • Cost control for your company.
  • No external line of credit necessary.
  • Co-ordination of benefits does not apply – this is good.
Traditional Group Benefits - Insurance Company(s) Line of Credit
  • Most popular for companies of 10 to 35 employees.
  • Available for three plus participants.
  • Monthly premiums are payable.
  • Insurance company provides line of credit to your company’s to pay employee claims.
  • Claim costs spread among all current employees.
  • Employees control the line of credit by the amount of claims submitted.
  • Mark-up on claims is based on your company’s size – 25% or higher.
  • Company repays claims the insurance company reimbursed next year through premiums.
  • Internal product limitations & clauses.
  • Coordination of benefits does apply.
  • Physiological value to the employee.
  • Easy to explain and understand.
  • Employer can walk away from obligation to repay line of credit (claims).
Hybrid - Self-Funding by Company
  • Most popular for companies of 25+ employees.
  • Financing costs (mark-up) are based on 10% (maximum $20 per employee’s claim).
  • Monthly premiums are payable.
  • Your company provides line of credit to pay claims.
  • Employees the premiums by the amount of claims submitted.
  • Company repays claims on a month to month basis.
  • Company designs internal product limitations & clauses.
  • Company cannot walk away from obligations to repay their line of credit (claims).
Risk Management & Insurance - Life, Disability, Critical Illness
  • Optional or Compulsory options
  • Available for 1+ employees.
  • Monthly premiums are payable.
  • Company designs product.
  • Physiological value to the employee.
  • Easy to explain and understand.

travel insurance designed for cpa members - #1 Plan

The CPA Travel Plan designed for CPA members provides protection in the case of an accident or illness providing the funds to cover your medical expenses while away from your home province.

The CPA designed Travel Plan offers:
  • Flat cost per year per family.
  • Out of Province & Country medical travel insurance.
  • 60 days  to 180 day plan choices, no limits to number of trips.
  • Great Feature: covers travel between provinces and is not just for travel outside Canada.
  • Super Feature: Pre-existing stability medical conditions for under 70 are covered, providing a doctor has been consulted and agrees travel is not an issue.
  • Outstanding Feature: Age 70 to 80 - Conditions that required medical advice, consultations, or treatment within 3-12 months prior to trip, needs approval of coverage before trip.
  • Protection Features: If the vaccine is received in the United States and hospitalization occurs, your travel coverage is in force.
Travel Insurance 2
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