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Plan your future financial vision

People with a written financial plan are twice as likely to say they can “live the life they want” and 79% more likely to feel content with their life achievements. Our Planning team with specialized financial software allows us to generate custom-tailored, easy to understand statements of progress. Your reports show your vision is attainable by providing a clear set of action items.

We will work with you to uncover your goals and provide you with clear direction on how to achieve them, with sound plans and FORR strategies. Whether it is planning for retirement, education or funding a major purchase we will have solutions and direction to each objective.

A financial organization and asset review are your first steps. The team constructs a detailed analysis of your current and projected cash flow (income & expenses), net worth (assets & liabilities), current registered and non-registered assets, pensions (savings & investments). Incorporating government programs such as Home Buyers Plan (HBP), Lifelong Learning Plans (LLP), Canada Pension Plans (CPP), and Old Age Security (OAS). If you are looking for wealth management and/or investing & savings plans, contact the experts at Puhl.

Ways to invest

investments and savings

Investment & Savings Plans

There are various investment programs and investment strategies that can help you reach your financial goals.

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CI Direct

CI Direct Investing is designed to use both robotic and human managers to provide extremely low cost and efficient strategies.

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Life-Time Guaranteed Income

You have worked hard to build your nest egg, and when you are ready to take your retirement income, you may face financial challenges such as outliving your savings, inflation risk, and market volatility. 

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Financial Tools

Financial Tools is where you will find information and tools that can assist in mapping out a sound financial future.

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Investment Questions

  1. How does your future look?
  2. How do you plan to protect yourself and loved ones for the future?
  3. When can you plan to quit or retire from your job or the workforce?
  4. Will you run out of money in the future?
  5. Will your loved ones be taken care of?
  6. You, yourself be financially taken care of?

Our inflation indexing and regular tax updates will keep your reports up-to-date and accurate.


Our objective is to create mechanisms and planned investments to help achieve strategic financial goals, we align your goals and objectives with a systematic wealth management plan to help you achieve or exceed your designated financial needs.

It is not about getting old, it’s about getting old without experiencing financial difficulties. Applying action to objectives and strategies is tough, but necessary.

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